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Why I started Wicks and More..

I started Wicks and More due to my obsession with home fragrance, my making of Wax Melts began as a hobby and I never thought I could make a business from it until it was suggested to me. I am so glad I took the plunge, after months of research and testing I believe I have cracked how to ensure a strong, long lasting scent within my products with my chosen wax (A blend of Paraffin 25% & 100% Soy Wax at 75%)and I really hope you do also!

Starting this business was so important to me due to struggling with being a full time care assistant. Those of you who have worked at any sector in the healthcare system will understand the toll it takes on your body and your mind! Finally, after 12 years I couldn't keep up anymore!

I am currently running all aspects of Wicks and More alone and I do an actual happy dance with every order received! I put everything I have into each product made, wrapped and packaged. I design all my packaging extras (Cards, stickers, CLP's, Personalised paper) and print myself.

Attention to detail goes into every step of each order! 

I really hope you enjoy my products, If you would like to leave me a review to help my dream grow it would be very much appreciated!

Thank you again for stopping by! 

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